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Eudora OSE marks the return of the classic Eudora email service that has been brought back to life on Mozilla Thunderbird.

However, despite working on the Mozilla mail service, Eudora OSE is much more than a simple extension or add-on; it is a total overhaul, featuring a truly overwhelming amount of possibilities.

As usual, you can open as many email accounts as you want on Eudora, which can cause messages to be a little difficult to find. For this reason, you get an advanced search tool that lets you find an email in seconds.

Also, as you are reading or writing a message, it is possible to right click on a word and look it up automatically on Google, Wikipedia or in a dictionary.

Eudora OSE is a very complete email management tool, thanks to which you can manage all your incoming and outgoing messages in the best posible way.
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